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Direct Cremation

Direct cremations are simple funerals that do not have a service beforehand. People choose this option for a number of reasons, and it is our most affordable send off. We can also offer Basic Cremations which include a small service for those that wish for a small and intimate funeral. If you require more information about these funeral services, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Does it Involve?

A direct cremation takes place at a local crematorium without an attended service. They usually take place early in the morning at a time chosen by us. You can expect the same professional standards, care and respect that you would receive with any of our other services.

As there is no formal service before the cremation, you are free to organise alternative arrangements to commemorate the death of your loved one.

Our Basic Funeral is another option that we offer, and this service includes a short and intimate service beforehand for those that feel they need to give close friends and family the opportunity to say a final farewell.

Basic Funeral

Our basic funeral includes a small attended service in addition to the direct cremation. This option is suited to those that feel the need for some kind of formal send off but without the fuss of a traditional service. If you would like any further details or wish to discuss the options, please contact us. 

What does a Direct or Basic Funeral Include?

These simple, fuss-free funeral services include the following:

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